moments project

commissioned by the City of Durango


over the summer of 2004 I shepherded a history-based
work of public art through the small Colorado town of Durango.

the town sits on the edge of vast national forests and wilderness areas.
rampant development is causing a sharp spike in the amount of urban sprawl and conversion
of previously untouched forest into urban and suburban interface.

in order to make the town's inhabitant's more aware of their own history,
how they have lived on this land for over a century, and how preserving the town's
character through slowing and regulating growth to preserve open space is important,
I initiated the moments project, a conceptual work that utilizes historic photographs
mounted in steel stanchions placed in the approximate spot the original photos were created,
allowing the viewer to make an immediate comparison between the existing site.

conceptually, this comparison allows the viewer to move
in their imagination through time, and by doing so, become aware of time itself as
a natural phenomenon continually occurring all around them.

the work also brings both the history of the town and the importance of preserving it to the viewer directly.
by highlighting the nature of the community's past relationship with the land they inhabit-
how space was utilized to form interdependent communities, or to grow food for the local market,
how historically important buildings or sites have been preserved or lost...questions as to the meaning
and value of growth and it's effects are raised.

the front lines of both eco-art and contemporary practice should not be measured
solely by works created in the heart of a metropolis, which, although essential in keeping the connection to nature vital,
occur in areas which are already subsumed with industrial essence, paved flat.

work created at the interface of settlement and nature,
work created to preserve those regions that are naturally and productively wild,
is where the struggle is most necessary... for in these areas loss is the most damaging.

convincing those who hold authority over fragile wetlands & animal migration
corridors that they should take into account not only current economies,
but the heritage of future generations and the health of the land,
is at the heart of my work on moments.

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