in collaboration with Judith Baca and DHS/IHS students

a mural project for the Durango Latino Education Coalition,
the Durango Arts Center & the City of Durango, 2002.

a large digital mural facilitated and initiated by Victoria Coe, and created by sixteen high school students,
from Durango and Ignacio, myself, and Judith Baca, the nation¹s leading social muralist
and founder of the Social and Public Art Resource Center in Venice, CA (SPARC)

the collaborative methodology ensured imagery that will place into public discourse our
many-cultured past, present, and future. It shows the land¹s memory.
besides inspiring respect and knowledge of the Durango region's rich cultural heritage,
the work also is groundbreaking in it's conception as the
world's first digital mural completed over the internet.

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